The Look and Sound of Effective Groups

What Effective Group Work Looks Like… Eyes – on the task or looking at the person talking. Mouth – only one mouth is moving at a time. Hands – busy working on the task or still on desk while listening…. Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to have Your Students Work in Groups

It increases student achievement. Students are responsible for their own learning. It increases retention. Students have a positive feeling toward the subject matter. It gives more time toward student learning. Students are active learners. It lowers student frustration and anxiety…. Continue Reading →

Student Behavior Goal Form

Parent Volunteer Form

Today’s Learning Goal Form

My Learning Goal Form

Managing Middle School Behaviors with Google Forms

I have a new principal this year and I’ve noticed that she uses Google Docs quite often to survey the staff. I really liked the idea and it seemed very easy to collect data from the teachers. Then my grade… Continue Reading →

Investigation 1 Exploring Data Patterns

The three Problems in this first Investigation engage students in collecting and analyzing patterns in experimental data and in number sequences. They provide experiences with both linear and nonlinear phenomena and lay the groundwork for using mathematical functions as models… Continue Reading →

Student Pages Thinking with Mathematical Models Investigation 1

Investigation 1 Student Pages Index Investigation 1 Problem 1.1 Problem 1.2 Problem 1.3 ACE Questions Inv 1

TWMM Problem 2.5 Amusement Park or Movies

Students use their knowledge about linear models, equations, and inequalities to reason about related sets of linear data. Content ACE Materials Resources Problem 2.5 (1 day) 26-34, 44-55 Centimeter Grid Paper Graphing calculators Chart paper and markers Teaching Aid 2.5:… Continue Reading →

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